Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kicking and screaming

I've never "gotten" the whole blog thing, so therefore I've tried to ignore them. Eventually I began checking a couple of them regularly - my all time favorite scrapbook superstar Stacy Julian, my design goddess Krystal Hartley, my TLC upline Jan Pepe, my creative downline Rachel Stiverson. Still couldn't bring myself to do it. But each year I challenge myself to learn one new really quality valuable skill or accomplish one really big project. I signed up for a photography class, which led to a photoshop class, which led me to apply for KH's design team . . . so here I am.

In college one of my professors told me I suffered from a common ailment among women: imposter's complex, where we live in fear of discovery by others that we are not as good as they think we are. I'm excited about my new post, but nervous as well!

THE PRESSURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jan said...

I knew you'd cave!! LOL!!! I was reading Shelley's new blog... and low and behold... there's a link to your new blog!!! yeah!!!!

Betsey Terry said...

Yeah!! Welcome KKG!! I'll be sure to add it to my blogs to check!