Sunday, June 8, 2008

photoshop woes

I updated acrobat "reader" on my laptop . . . and somehow it hosed my photoshop. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, everything I can think of, and nothing is working. Going to have to take a visit to my favorite computer guru. Meanwhile, just thought I'd offer an explanation for the total lack of digi layouts for the last month. All I can use is Memory Mixer, which is great for assembling photobooks, but not as good as photoshop for control of elements.

So, working on our 2004 disney trip, which is already partially paper-scrapped. Just debating whether to print my digi pages for an old-school album, or scan the paper pages and order a photobook.

Today was our "veg" day at the beach. Everyone but Nate ended yesterday with some degree of sunburn, and tomorrow we want to go to a water park, so today was "shade mandatory". No one wanted to go to the shaded pool, so we laid low in the condo. Tonight we had dinner with an old friend from Scrap In A Snap, Darcel Blake and her husband Dan. They have a beautiful new house here in Myrtle Beach, where they've lived for the past several years, and we hook up whenever we come down. At least I can still say, companies that go under owing consultants thousands of dollars are still good for something - long-lasting friendships beyond their control! Salute!

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