Tuesday, March 3, 2009


That's how many photos you get when you mix two scrapbook moms with digital cameras with 10 kids and a very rare snow.

We got a good 5-6 inches, which happens maybe once per decade where we live.

So what happens when mom tries to engage in a snowball fight with the kids?

I think I fell 6 times. I was soaked. And this the day after I began penicillin for strep. Did I mention we get this chance maybe once a decade? I only get a couple of chances in my children's childhoods to do this. Who can pass that up?


Cheri said...

Nobody could pass that up! You were right to enjoy the moment with your kids - the strep will go away - may take an extra day or two, but the memories are SOOO worth it!

Scrapbook Girl said...

And I bet it felt good to whallop them with those fat wet snowballs! Nothin' better for the soul that a good snowball fight! Everyone ends up cold, wet and happy! {Don't ask me how, but we usually all end up laughing at each other.} I'm glad you got those moments with the kids and pictures to proveit! Miss ya! Lisa

Taffy said...

What a fun trip you musta had!! I love it!

You have a very nice scrapbook room. I love how you decorated it. I linked that site in my blog, i hope you don't mind. What a great idea!! :)

I love your blog - you have some great stuff and most of all.... i love the scrappletini name! how clever is that!! :)