Saturday, April 18, 2009

Out of sight out of mind

Ok so I've been very absent from my blog . . . sorry guys . . . I've been overwhelmed by life and the pursuit of pro photography . . . taking classes, researching, WORKING. My "free" internet time is over at facebook nowadays . . . anyways, thought I'd share this shot of my 3-legged rescue kitty who is getting on my last nerve these days. He was the first cat in our house a year-and-a-half ago. We found him in the road just after he'd been hit by a car. I took him to a vet and after a couple of weeks we brought him home. He was such a sweet, friendly kitten, purred all the time. A couple months later we brought home a wild kitten Ken found outside his shop. Neko harassed her at first, but they quickly became pals. Fast-forward to now when we brought home my sister's cat, Luna, approximately 10-11 years old, used to being alone. Neko is obsessed with Luna, won't leave her alone, keeps starting fights with her. I made the mistake of extricating him on one such occasion, and I have several scars to remind me of that. For now, Luna has the run of the upstairs, and Neko and Kiki are masters of the basement level. How will we ever integrate them?

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Cheri said...

Possibly out of sight, never out of mind!