Thursday, November 29, 2007

Little Prince Album

Nothing like pressure to get a girl going. I want to give each of the kids a photobook for Christmas - I decided this yesterday. I started with Nate's, his is really the easiest! I used Krystal Hartley's "Little Prince" download available through TLC. The quick page element is 12 pages, so I added two pages to make it standard board book size. Now I'm just trying to decide whether to do board books for all of them - the rest of them are a little old for board books, but the board books have half the pages of the photobooks, lol!


ScrapCrazyDiva said...


Your album is absolutely adorable... Nate is so cute!!!

Shelley Moore said...

krystal, I love this album! And I really think board books would be ok for the older kids - it's more a keepsake than a novel type of book to read, so I think it would be fine!

At least I would totally do it for my kids, LOL!

Izzy said...

An amazing album! Nate is such a cutie. The kids will love their books.