Sunday, January 6, 2008

first projects for BPS "Get Organized Get Inspired" class

Well I'm off to a good start with the class, have done all of the assignments, homework, and "bonus" projects, as well as pore over the gallery and message board. I'm REALLY excited about turning my studio into a sustainable, inspiring space! My friend Cheri A. and I decided to take the class together, and it's very cool that we've been joined by Shelley and Lynne M. Just makes it more fun to take a class with friends. Can't wait to see what we all do.

So our first assignments included a couple of altered projects to match our studios. I've actually never successfully altered much of anything, so I worked really hard to do these. I'm thrilled with how they turned out, and can see how some people are so addicted! I found the paper at AC Moore and liked that it included blues and greens and browns, plus whites and creams. That's pretty much what's in my studio. I added pink lettering since I do have lots of pink accents as well.

My scrapbooking mission statement:

Matching clipboard to hold bits of inspiration. They say the third time's the charm - I'm embarassed to admit this is the third time I've tried altering a clipboard, and the first time I succeeded!

I'm also proud to report that not only did I get these projects done yesterday, I also spent quality time with my kids and organized more of the house and maintained what I had already organized. Ok ok so it's only a few days, but it's a start! I'm taking babysteps with the organizing: one pile at a time. The kitchen counters are now looking great, probably the best since we moved in, as are several other surfaces in our main living space. Oh, and I've made our bed every day this year!


Rach said...

Love the colors here. These sure turned out great! I had goals for cleaning up my counters but since I can't move without pain...nothing got done today but lots of aloe being applied to my body. (sunburn in the middle of winter in Michigan) Who'd have thunk?!

Krystal Hartley said...

I feel inspired! I hope to see more fun projects...scrappy or organizational from you...I'm counting on virtual osmosis to kick in. ;)

Izzy said...

Fabulous altered items! I love your clipboard and the colors are wonderful :) Can't wait to see more!

susan catmull said...

Very nice. Those colors are gorgeous together.
I love to organize. I could do it all day long, the trouble is I hate to clean so I just wait until I need to reorganize and then I have to do it. But it's on my resolution list.

Shelley Moore said...

Thanks again for pointing me to the class - you just might have saved my life, LOL! I can't wait to see how our rooms turn out.