Monday, February 4, 2008

free album download from CK

Ok so the Pats lost. Sad way to end such a great season. But what an awesome thing for the Manning family! Our party was a huge success - if a bit crowded. Almost every single person we invited came - and then some! We had so much fun, even my hubby was not too upset over the upset.

Got this in my e-mail this morning from CK, cute little album download from Jessica Sprague, only available through the 10th. download

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Shelley Moore said...

As much as I love ya Krystal, WOOO HOOO go GIANTS!!! Right now I'm doing that ridiculous dance where your hands are on your knees and you cross them back and forth as you wiggle your knees back and forth! LOL I know - windy explanation for a bad visual, LOL!
Glad your party was a success!