Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Well I've taken lots of photos and intended to blog several times, but my rambunctious 2yo and my flaky laptop conspired to prevent me from doing much of anything online. Sunday night I began backing up my laptop files, and on Monday night I wiped the disc and restored it to factory condition. What joy! Reinstalling EVERYTHING. The great news is, photoshop works now! The bad news is, Internet Explorer has crashed twice on me already. For now, I'll take photoshop!

We are on another road trip to the Scrapper's Dream Vacation in Burlington, MA. I have a small booth to sell Scrapbook Girl and offer scanning services. Ken and the boys will visit his dad in Abington, whose health is declining rapidly from the cancer.

I'll try to get pics uploaded, maybe a few layouts, since 15-hour drives each way gives me lots of laptop time!


Shelley Moore said...

Glad to see you're back in action... at least with PS, lol! Good luck at the show!

Izzy said...

Glad to see you back... hope you can solve the internet explorer trouble. Good luck at the show!

ashli kay wolf said...

just checkin' in...i just paged you on faith sisters...i was also checking in on your father in law..Huggs and prayers..have fun on your scrapbookin' excursion :) we miss you..come and chat

xoxo.ash and girls at Krystal Hartley's camp... :)