Monday, July 28, 2008


Remember a couple months ago when we made the cornhole boards and bags? My husband has taken it to the next level. He searched online and found and joined the ACO of South Carolina (American Cornhole Organization).

My alma mater, Wofford College, is home to the Carolina Panthers summer training camp, and on Saturday night there was a party celebrating the start of training for this year. There were numerous vendors and activities, including a large section dedicated to Cornhole! Ken dropped off the boys and I at Aunt Nena's house for a visit, and then headed over to try his luck and find out if he's really as good as he thinks he is. (of course I already knew the answer to that, he is, duh!)
He came in 2nd place, beat out by a guy who is ranked 8th in the nation! They even put his photo on their website!

Are you as stunned as I am to learn that (1) there's a game called cornhole, (2) there's an official governing body for the sport, or (3) there are people nationally ranked?

I'm just glad that my husband has found a nice little activity that he can enjoy in the evenings with friends, the kids, or even his wife, and occasionally more competitively. And yes, I can beat him - just last night I won 21-14. Be impressed . . . but don't ask me to explain the severe handicap required for my win!


Wendy said...

That is too funny. Ken a Cornhole Champ! Who would have thunk it.

Congrats to Ken!

Dayami said...

You had left a comment about my scraproom on 2peas and I decided to check out your blog. I love it and omLord, Im loving your scraproom!!!! It is spectacular!!!
Love all the colors...and of course the blue paint.
Check my blog in a few months, Im actually building a (bigger) room in the house as my scrapspace.
Thanks for your sweet comment and have fun creating in your gorgeous place.
Dayami ;)

Izzy said...

That's great! congrats to Ken! I had never heard of the game until you posted about it.

Shelley Moore said...

that is just damn hilarious! LOL!!! I am not surprised though, that Ken is the champ! He is pretty cool, I must admit! Congratulate him for me, will ya?