Friday, August 1, 2008

Walk for the Cure

I'm vending this weekend at an SDV in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania with my dear sister-friend Cheri Andrews. We're having a good event, selling lots of Scrapbook Girl, scanning lots of photos through Heritage Makers, and selling off our remaining TLC inventory. (blech)

We have a silent auction table set up with Cheri's product samples she no longer needs, and the proceeds are going to breast cancer research - Cheri is doing the walk. The response from the SDV ladies has been great, and many of them are sponsoring her. I thought I'd send a shout-out to my blog friends in case anyone would like to chip in. Cheri's sister, Deanna, is joining her on the walk, and is part of Cheri's team, so if you'd like to donate to their walk, click here.

Cheri is holding a fundraiser crop in August 16 in Perkasie, PA, and is welcoming product donations for that.

A good friend, LD, began chemo 2 weeks ago. I wish I could join Cheri and Deanna on the walk in honor of my friend, but my flat feet won't hold up to 60 miles. So here I am, hoping to raise money for their walk. Fight on, LD!!


Shelley Moore said...

Go Cheri and Deanna GO!!! I just learned that a good friend of mine back in Colorado has breast cancer and will have a double mastectomy in two days. I'm sad that I had to move right during this time, and I'm scared for her because both her mother and her sister died of breast cancer. So go ladies go!! Wish I could walk with you too!!!

Mimmers49 said...

What a great cause!! If I was close I would come to the crop for sure!

Love those Scrapbook T-shirts from Scrapgirls!!!