Wednesday, May 7, 2008

sweeter than sweet

The reason we drove to Florida last week was to attend the wedding of Ken's youngest brother, Jason, to Jessica. It was a wonderfully relaxed and fun wedding, I truly enjoyed myself, as did all of the children. I believe everyone had a great time! Of all the photos I took, this is my favorite, of our 2yo Nate and our 3yo neice Mackenzie. I'm including pix of all the kids, notice Kyle got to play with the band a little at the reception!

I have to say that I just love going to weddings now. They make me happy, remembering my own wedding and how much I enjoyed it, and how happily married I am to Ken. I love that man!!


Wendy said...

These pictures are gorgeous! Looks like everyone had a Fabulous time, I wouldn't have wanted to leave.

Izzy said...

Gorgeous photos! looks like the perfect place for a wedding.

Susan Catmull said...

WOW! your pictures are awesome. They look like a professional took them. I'd love to scrapbook with those gorgeous pics.

Shelley Moore said...

Krystal - everyone does look great, but I have to say the one of you and Ken is great! You look phenominal!

One of these days, when I grow up, I'm going to learn to take good pictures too, LOL!