Tuesday, May 27, 2008

weekend project

The new Mr. & Mrs. Grant came up for the holiday weekend, and we had a blast. Ken and I were inspired by their "cornhole boards" they had in Florida, so we set out to make our own set. Using internet directions, Ken built the boards and I cut up old jeans and khakis to make the bags. This is a GREAT game because:

  • adults and kids can play together

  • adult sobriety not required (great party game)

  • it's portable

Some day we will paint the boards, but we had a lot of fun with this game this weekend! Click here for directions on building your own set, and rules of the game: Cornhole game


Shelley Moore said...

oh lord I am SO SORRY I didn't get to witness that, LOL! It looks like so much fun!

Sandy Vance said...

this does look like fun. my son has started a pickle ball group. it is like tennis but you use a whiffle ball and solid racket. now he is young, but he has a bunch of men playing and some have lost a bunch of weight doing it, it is less stress on the joints and fun. oh, it also is an official sport of the SENIOR OLYMPICS. they even have an official court close by.